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To get you started, here are the most popular wedding trends in the market at the moment. We hope this can inspire you and help you generate ideas in planning your own wedding. Good luck!

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Contemporary Wedding Styles And Trends

Weddings are a great way for a bride and groom to show their personal styles and tastes, as well as their likes and dislikes. However, trends come and go, and what may seem like a fun way to dress and decorate for your wedding now may be embarrassing later on down the road.

Remember Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” wedding dress ensemble? Lace gloves may sound cute and super trendy at the time, but will have your wedding photo’s looking dated and maybe even a little silly in the future.

However, if you aren’t worried about the future and want a trendy wedding now, here are some of the hottest trends for your wedding style:

1) Bridesmaid’s dresses: Right now, it is very trendy to allow your bridesmaids to wear different styles of dresses in the same color. Certain cuts of dresses may not flatter every figure, and brides are more conscious of how comfortable their bridesmaids feel these days.

As long as the dresses are in the same color and fabric and don’t stray too far from each other in style, bridesmaids dresses in different cuts are very fashionable right now.

2) Junior Bridesmaid’s: Have a young friend of the family or relative that is too old to be a flower girl, but too young to be a bridesmaid? Consider making her a junior bridesmaid! However, just get her an age appropriate dress in the same color and fabric as the other bridesmaids (halter tops might not be good for a twelve year old). Junior groomsmen are also acceptable nowadays for older boys that are too young to be ring bearers.

3) Alternative veils: More and more contemporary brides are opting out of wearing veils. Not only do some brides feel that it is difficult to see with one on, but they may feel that it is too traditional for their type of wedding. Experiment with other hairpieces instead like a crown of flowers, sparkling tiaras and pretty barrettes and combs.

4) Gloves: Gauntlet style gloves are very fashionable for cold weather weddings right now. Elbow length white satin gloves add a perfect ladylike touch to a traditional style wedding dress.

5) Wedding Dress Color: Traditional white wedding dresses aren’t for everyone, and off white and ivory colors are very contemporary. Some modern brides opt to have a non-traditional dress all together and go with a gown that they are more comfortable in.

If you want a traditional wedding with contemporary touches, you can easily accentuate your own style with jewelry and accessories. If you have a question about a style you like, or wonder if it’s too off the wall, ask a trusted friends honest opinion.

You may find that your wacky idea may actually be classy and stunning. Whatever you decide, remember that it’s your special day and your wedding is a reflection of the union between you and your partner. Your wedding should be a reflection of your personal style, and contemporary fashions are easily incorporated into time honored traditions.