Destination Wedding: India

With a rich cultural history that takes back thousands of years, India is a lush, gorgeous place to visit, and an ideal spot for a spectacular wedding.

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If you’re in love with all things related to the culture and beauty of that country, there are several places in India that you can check out for potential wedding sites: the pristine beaches of Goa would be ideal for romantic, outdoorsy types, while the palaces and mansions of Jaipur would be great for regal, lavish weddings.

We’ll focus on Goa for this wedding design so you can get an idea of the beauty you can expect from a celebration there. They can also advise you on the best time of year in which to plan your ceremony: the most popular months are between October and February, but keep in mind that December and January are the most popular months to visit Goa, so you’ll have to plan a year or so ahead to ensure hotel space, etc.

Like most other destination weddings, it’s best to do your planning through the hotel you’ll be staying at, as they usually have dedicated wedding/event coordinators onsite that can help you with anything you’d need.

These planners can advise you on everything from travel arrangements to food selections, and can keep you updated on a near-daily basis so you don’t have to fret about anything: they’re amazing at what they do, so rest assured that all of your needs will be taken care of.

It is important to keep in mind that there are some intense legal requirements for people to get married in India, so be sure to do your research, and plan your event well in advance!

As far as your attire goes, a great deal depends on whether you’re of Indian heritage and would like traditional elements incorporated, if you’d like westernised attire, or if there will be a mix of the two.

Let’s assume that you’ll be wearing a West-inspired white or cream wedding dress—you can add in a fair bit of Indian influence to your ensemble with bangle bracelets and other Indian jewellery, and getting mehndi done on your hands and feet would look incredible.

If you’re a Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh bride, you’ll undoubtedly have specific customs and traditions associated with the ceremony, and Catholic weddings in Goa have a special set of requirements to sort through as well. (Talk to your planner—they can help you sort out whatever you need.)Mehndi Patterns for Wedding Hands

Décor-wise, you’re in the perfect environment for lush foliage and stunning colours. Furniture in every hue imaginable is available, and you can have fresh-cut flowers at every table. Little sindoor boxes filled with sweets would be cute take-away gifts, as are candles, or even sandalwood keepsakes.

Your reception is likely to stretch well into the evening, which gives you and your guests ample opportunity to revel in the amazing Goan cuisine. There’s an abundance of vegetarian and vegan dishes available, but the seafood is also world-renowned.

If you choose to be married in India, know that you will be treated like absolute royalty, and your memories will shine as brightly as both of you do on your wedding day.