Edible Flowers For Wedding Cakes

edible flowers for cakes

Here are some edible flowers that you can use for decor in your cakes and pastries for your wedding day!


These violet cousins have friendly little faces that are often cream-coloured or light green against a darker background. The most common pansy colours are purple and blue, so if your wedding colours incorporate blue tones, this could very well be the ideal edible flower to add to your dessert table.

Macarons: Macaron Fetish

French macarons are almost too beautiful to eat, but each bite is a decadent journey: the crisp, fluffy exterior just melts in your mouth, as it’s mostly just eggwhites, sugar, and ground almonds. Inside, the fillings can be created with buttercreams, preserves, curd, custard, or any other spreadable bit of deliciousness you can imagine.

Pale blue macarons that have been drizzled with sparkling blue sugar crystals would be incredible if filled with champagne buttercream and then garnished with candied pansies. Can you imagine how beautiful a midsummer wedding would be with these at every table?

Lollipops: Sprinkle Bakes

Another cute addition to the dessert repertoire is an array of flower lollipops. These clear sugar treats can either be made by a local confectioner, or put together at home with a bit of patience and a good candy thermometer.

Pansies are suspended within the candy, and will be cured by the sugar therein: yes, they’re already edible, but they’ll be a little bit more delicious with that extra sweetness in there.

If you plan to use edible flowers in your wedding desserts, be sure to source them from a place that specifically deals with organic blooms, as the ones you’ll find in most florist shops will have been sprayed with pesticides and preservatives.

Don’t gather flowers from roadsides or heavily-trafficked areas, but if your friends and family members have grown these blooms in their own gardens – and have not doused them with chemicals – they should be fine. Wash and dry them thoroughly before using them, and be sure to take plenty of pictures of your gorgeous display table!