Gold Wedding Bands To Have And To Hold

different materials wedding bands

Lovers have been sealing their marriages with gold wedding bands for ages and ages.

What could be more romantic than the warm glow of yellow gold wedding bands? And gold has long been associated with enduring love because of its durability. That makes gold wedding bands a wonderful way to symbolize your certainty that your love will be one for the longevity record books.

It doesn’t hurt any that gold wedding bands simply never go out of style. Never. And today’s jewelry designers have come up with marvelous new designs for gold wedding rings.

There’s something to please everyone, from simple gold wedding bands to intricately designed gold wedding bands to, well, the possibilities for gold wedding bands are endless.

If you’re thinking of purchasing gold wedding bands, however, you want to be aware that there’s a lot of jewelry out there pretending to be gold when it isn’t. Sad, I know, but true.

To qualify as real yellow gold or white gold wedding rings, they must be 18K, 14K, 12K or 10K. Gold by itself is soft, so it’s mixed with various alloys for added strength (that’s what the K is all about). To be pure gold, it must be 24K. The rule of thumb for this is that the higher the number, the purer the gold in gold wedding rings is.

However, there are differences between these materials. You can find out more details here in this comparison study.

So if any gold wedding bands you run across are described as gold plated, gold filled, or gold washed, they aren’t the gold wedding bands for you. They’re merely in costume, so to speak. They have a layer of gold, yes, but generally it’s very thin and isn’t appropriate for everyday, rough and tumble wear.

Gold plated or gold filled rings are fine for rings you’re going to wear once in awhile, but not for rings that will be worn daily.

You certainly won’t find any dud gold wedding rings at our favorite online jeweler, They have a huge range of gold wedding bands for you to browse through and just think how much easier it is to find your ideal wedding ring online, to say nothing of the savings you’ll make in shoe-leather!

Caring for your gold wedding rings is easy. That’s another reason they don’t go out of style. Any scratches or dullness that may appear on a gold wedding band after it’s been worn for a long time can be polished away quickly and easily by a professional jeweler.

So take your time and enjoy your search for gold wedding bands. After all, looking at and dreaming about all the delightful choices is a huge part of the fun of getting married!