Outrageous Wedding Pics!

bold wedding photos

One of the important people you need to hire for your wedding is an awesome photographer. You want to make sure you remember that night and the best way you can do that is by having someone that will capture those special moments for you.

Most wedding images I have seen are nice but they are all pretty much the same. You have the bride and groom next to each other standing in front of some nice scenery or nature depending on what they both feel.

Sometimes you get a bride and groom who break these traditions and do something completely different and really memorable. We found some images of some outrageous wedding pics that are a must see!

Look out it’s a dinosaur! This couple had a great idea when it came to take their wedding photo. Why not pretend your being chased by a scary dinosaur on your special day. Better yet, let your whole wedding party pretend to being attacked.

What is the most epic move ever?! START WARS. What is even cooler? Having a Star Wars wedding! I mean sure they took it to the extreme, but it is going to be well worth it. At least you know that within their circle everyone will be talking about this wedding.


What if all the superheroes we read or see in comic books were actually real people? What if they all attend each others weddings when someone got married. Well I think we now have the proof that all these superheroes are actually all friends.

Sometimes you just need to relieve some stress by hitting the ball around. Why not do it right after your I DO’s…it seems appropriate. This couple took time to do some wedding photos choosing their favorite sport while lining up the guys to block and the bride to score the winning goal.

Finally, we have a image of just the ladies. Because in all honesty it really is about the girls. In this image the bride and bridesmaid all dressed up in their superheroes outfit and strut their red boots with a nice mask to obviously hide their identities.