Selecting A Bridesmaid Gown

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of the hideous chartreuse taffeta bridesmaid gown with a huge bow on the backside. And don’t forget about the peach satin number, complete with crinolines and a bodice that can only be worn comfortably by someone who wears an A cup.

Or maybe you know of the bridal party that were expected to pay $500 for their dresses and still had to buy shoes, headpiece, etc…. We have all heard a version of one of these. A smart bride will not allow her wedding to be just another horror story on the gossip superhighway.

You should choose your bridesmaids dresses at least five months before the wedding. This would be ample time for the bridal shop to order and receive the dresses and also for bridesmaids fittings for alterations needed. Trust me, just about everybody will need an alteration.

Bridesmaid dresses are usually ordered through a bridal shop, ordered through a department store or made by a professional seamstress. Remember that when ordering through a bridal shop, your bridesmaids will need to leave a down payment to order. Because some shops don’t take credit cards, come prepared with cash or a check. Be sure to keep your sales receipt with the size and down payment written on your receipt.

Another important thing to remember is that in most cases, the bridal shop will not order the dresses until all the sizes and deposits for the complete party are in. This ensures the same dye lot of color when the manufacturer cuts the dresses.

The rule of thumb for choosing bridesmaids dresses is just to compliment your gown and fit in with the type, décor and color scheme of your wedding. The decision regarding color and length usually depends on the time of day, season and degree of formality.

One rule of thumb regarding the length: If a bride is wearing a floor-length dress, the bridesmaid dresses should not be short. For formal or semiformal weddings, the bridesmaid dresses should be floor-length to tea-length dresses. For an informal daytime wedding, the dress can be short or long.

Keep the figures of all your bridesmaids in mind with selecting a style. A style and color that is flattering to all your bridesmaids is a difficult task, and it may not happen. Use some common sense and remember that a full-figured woman probably won’t feel comfortable in a short, strapless, tight cocktail-type dress or a dress with a large bow that emphasizes the behind.

On the other hand, small breasted, thin women may not feel right in a dress that emphasizes cleavage. The larger the wedding party, the more differences in opinions you will have as well. The most flattering for all figures are simple, elegant designs. In recent years, a common trend is the bride choosing the manufacturer, color and fabric of the bridesmaid dress and the bridesmaids choosing their own style.

This way all of your bridesmaids will not only look great in the proper style for their physical build and feel more comfortable, but they will also appreciate you for thinking of them. Less is more: bridesmaids usually pay for their own dresses so keep cost in mind. Close to $200 seems to be a good figure but it you can do it for less, everyone will be happier.